Today’s forgiving journal: Snapping to the music

Today’s forgiving blog is about snapping to the music.

I have a friend staying with me at my place in NY, and she’s a singer.  Tonight, she sang me a song on forgiveness (more on this later).  When she started to sing, she snapped her fingers to the rhythm.  At first, I just sat there, and then she encouraged me to snap my fingers too.

So I did.

And I immediately got so happy.  I realize that this is a lot of what today was about for me – snapping my fingers to life.  Just participating and taking my next step that Spirit put in front of me.  Sometimes, this step felt hard or painful.  Other times, it felt joyful.  And what I am learning is that it’s always full of love.

How do I know this?  (I’m getting better at making sure that I’m not BSing myself.)

I know this, because I am having more of an experience of the love living inside of me as I go through my day.  This love feels like a rock right in the center of my chest – a really good rock, one that I can rely on.  I was looking at my reflection at one point on the subway today, and I just said to myself, “I love you.”

How often do you get that on a NYC subway?

I also want to say one more thing in this blog, and that’s there is no shame in struggling.  Life doesn’t always feel so easy, and God what else can I say except when we’re struggling, when life doesn’t feel so easy, sometimes all we need to do is snap to the music.

I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling ashamed, ever.  I let it go to Spirit and I step free.

I love you!



Ps – I’m hoping to get a link to my friend’s forgiveness song.  Stay “tuned”!

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