Today’s forgiving journal: Receiving because I asked

Today’s forgiving blog is about receiving because I asked.

Tonight, I feel really down. It just is what it is. Emotions will pass right? I get that in my heart, and it’s still tough to go through sometimes.

So as I was feeling particularly low, I asked for help. Right afterward, Child of God
here’s the photo that I saw on Facebook…posted by a dear friend.

THIS is the truth. I am – all ways and in all ways – a child of God. I am love. I am a Beloved blessing onto this planet. I love myself exactly as I am. I wrap up my thoughts, my emotions, my imagination, my self-talk, all of it, in the unending loving that comes directly out of my Soul. I do this again and again and again, do you know why? Because THAT is what love does for us!! It kisses the hurt bits.

I forgive myself for judging my process tonight as blechy. It is all of God, and I commit to repeating this #truth until I know it.

I love us all. I am so honored to write this blog, and to know you.

Love, Debbie

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