Today’s forgiving journal: Just take a step

Today’s forgiveness blog is just take a step.

Today was a hard day, lots of emotions….uncertainty about the future….and impatience with it all.  A part of me just wanted to hole up and ignore it.  Instead, I just kept taking a step.

I called a friend.

I was of service.

I went to a spiritual seminar.

I ate well.

Each of these things brought to me exactly what I needed in the moment to soothe myself, to get (some!) altitude, and to be kind and gentle with myself.  I am so grateful for my singular focus just to keep moving.

My spiritual teacher John-Roger says something like, if you’re stuck just do something.  It doesn’t matter what (keeping in mind the adage “Don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others).  Just do something.

Well, that’s what I did.  Boy, did it help.  And even though now, at night, I’m feeling pretty mired again, I spent a lot of time today taking good care of myself and having a relatively open heart.  Go, meStairway to heaven!

I love you all.  Many, many blessings.

Love, Debbie

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