Today’s journal: Being kind to myself

Today’s forgiveness blog: Short, sweet, and being really kind to myself

I had something happen today that really upset me.

When this happened, all I wanted to do is first, get angry (mostly at myself) and second, run away from what I was experiencing inside.  I could put labels on what this was, and it would just be a story.  Expectations are what got me into the anger to begin with, so this is a chance for me to get free inside.

As the evening wore on (and on!), I became able to just observe myself and the question crept in, “How can I be really kind to myself right now?”  I did a few things, like make myself a good dinner, allow myself the space to just be relaxed, and even being a little compassionate with myself.  I knew this because I really smiled at myself – like a mom.  Just for a bit, and it was enough for now.  Good night, all, I’m doing the best I can – we all are, right?  That is a beautiful thing.

I love you.

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