Today’s forgiving journal: Coming into for-giving

Today’s forgiveness blog is about truly coming into for-giving ….

What does this mean?  How do I know if I’m forgiving?  How can I “get” it?  Ah, this is the question of the year for me!  Well, I just read a quote by one of my Spiritual teachers, John Morton, and it made my heart feel so good:

“Understand the value in all of your experience. 

Whatever comes to mind that you’ve held as an againstness, as some form of judgment, forgive.  As things come to mind, forgiveness is instantly present.  It happens so powerfully, so rapidly, that you have no opportunity to remember what has been forgiven.  So it is truly forgiven and forgotten. The content no longer has meaning. 

There is nothing that is not forgiven.  The forgiveness is present as soon as you allow it, as soon as you open to it.  You become free to begin anew and those you forgive are set free within you to begin anew.”

– John Morton

God, what else is there to say?

One thing I know is that deep inside of me, I have a prayer to forgive so completely that I forget.  That I begin anew.  Period.  I am stepping into this presence right now, whether or not I fully get it!

Funny, because I kept hearing today, “Practice” when I asked myself how I can choose the loving.  Now I understand it more.  Just keep practicing forgiving and forgetting and blessing myself and being blessed. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I just need to do it.

How is it possible that my heart feels full and aching at the same time?  Maybe that is the glory of coming home.

I love you all!!!  Love, Debbie

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