It’s Money Mondays! Topic: Self-Forgiveness and Money

Shifting my focus mlk June 26 2016


Happy Monday everyone!

Starting this Spring, I’m offering an awesome interactive & online Self-Forgiveness and Money group. So I started this blog post to explore the limiting stories I tell myself about money and my abilities. Self-forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools I know to help release these old stories and touch to the places inside that need self-love.

Each time I do this work to heal an issue, I am more aware of my inherent value. This opens tremendous doors to co-create more of what I truly want and be available to the flow of abundant blessings.  Here we go:

This weekend, I fell when I was running.  Went down right on my chin and scraped up my hands.  What’s perfect timing about this is that I was in the middle of an Ideal Scene workshop and was exploring what I want to create for this year.

I realized in the course of the exercises that I held a fear that I would “fall flat on my face” if I took a risk.  Old memories came up, such as: When I was a little girl, there were cement steps in my complex. I was playing a game with neighborhood kids to see who could jump down to the ground from the farthest up step. (who said kids are smart?)  No one would approach the 5th step, until me.  I jumped down and fell on the cement ground on my forehead.

I did a lot of Self-forgiveness during the workshop, and I touched into a great peace. I talked to that little girl and told her that she is courageous, that she didn’t do anything wrong, and that falling is a part of learning.  I updated my limiting beliefs to ones that serve me better.

I had never really understood that I felt ashamed to fall.  When I was five, I saw my Dad and mom split up, and I bought into the belief that it was because of me. I thought if I could only be perfect, he would come back.  Instead, I was with a mom who was mentally ill, with no job and little money.  I thought I had done something wrong, and that I was unlovable. And definitely not worthy of receiving love, money, etc.

The truth is, my thoughts are not my reality. They are based on perceptions I place on what is to help make sense of the world.  And this can hold me back.

Here’s the thing. Yes, my mom and dad split up.  She had a mental illness, and we didn’t have much money.  And, that doesn’t say anything about my worth, or theirs.  I am inherently valuable, as are we all.

I still have Self-forgiveness to do in this area.  It’s a constant attitude, as Martin Luther King, Jr. says.  I’d like to do one right now:  I forgive myself for judging myself as needing to be “capable” to be loved and receive blessings.

The truth is: I am love. And so is everything and everyone.

The truth is: Money is neutral, it’s what I make it mean that can get me into trouble. 🙂

The truth is: the way I grew up gave me the exact lessons I needed to learn and the skills I have today, and I am entirely capable with incredible gifts!

The truth is: life is not about what I do or what happens, it is about what I learn and how much loving I bring to it – and opening to joy in all of it!

At the end of the workshop, I put up my Ideal Scenes in my bathroom, and I drew hearts on my bandages to remind me that the light comes in where the wound enters.  And that I AM the Light.




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(The ocean photo above is from my partner, David Sand.  Good news!  His website is UP!!  His is one of the most gifted photographers that I know and has an ability to reveal the essence of beauty in everything. Visit

One more resource: Listen to a great 1-minute excerpt on Updating Limiting Beliefs.  It’s from a Forgiveness podcast with me on Krista Xiomara’s “I’m Awake Now What” series!

Click here to listen to the podcast excerpt!:




Have a wonderful week!  Much loving to all.

Love, Debbie

To learn more about the Self-Forgiveness and Money Group, email me at or click this graphic: 

self-forgiveness and money group


*This post is my contribution to Frank’s Photo Challenge, Bank and Trent’s Weekly Smile.

8 thoughts on “It’s Money Mondays! Topic: Self-Forgiveness and Money

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for everything you did in 2018 and are about to do for 2019. Hopefully I will be able to join the workshop even though I work on Mondays. The timing is excellent. God willing I will turn 60 on February 27th. I’m looking for ways to improve my life as I enter my sixth decade.

    Thank you.

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  2. Beautiful sharing, Debbie. Our world is so abundantly full of opportunity when we let the scales fall from our eyes. And we can help the scales to fall. Forgive those little scales. They thought they were helping us! Bless them!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, Debbie, are you okay from your running fall?!?
    Also “And, that doesn’t say anything about my worth, or theirs. I am inherently valuable, as are we all.” Just beautiful.


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