Today’s Forgiving Journal: Going on a Love Retreat <3

**Note: I’ll be offline from today until early next week!  Have a wonderful week everyone, I love you all.**

Hi everyone,

I’m leaving today for a 7-day retreat in the woods.  The overall intention of the retreat is to experience the peace, the love within each of us.  I am so ready to go!

Well, actually the thing that may be more accurate is: I’m ready to come Home.  To know fully and completely that I am home inside of myself.  I’ve made SUCH amazing strides in this!

I just ask at this time, for a deeper experience of compassion, of peace, and of love.  My intention is to receive this gift of awareness.

I wish all of you a beautiful week.  I’ll be off of internet.  Please keep contributing to Forgiving Fridays – I’ll post all of your awesome posts next Friday!!  Two weeks of forgiveness. (How cool is that?)

One of my favorite ways to forgive is through photography and poetry.  See below for a photo I just took of me and my little girl – I was a baby.  And a poem on the hope of forgiveness. Feel free to share your creativity too!

I love you.

Love, Debbie

**This is my contribution for Frank’s challenge, Golden & my second contribution to Nikki’s creative prompt, Friendship.  I am opening to an experience of home & friendship inside of me that lights me up with love. (Frank it’s golden.) ❤ Thank you so much!**

Here is me and a photo of me as a baby – I love myself & I forgive myself for any and all ways I forget to give myself love ❤ . I am so grateful for my self-kindness:



Here is my poem on forgiveness – it’s the first one I did for Forgiving Fridays!

What if……

Every day was a day

To love

Drink in the love….it starts starts starts with

you receiving your own blessing.

What if…..

Every day was a day to


See and hear and feel the wings of

L-O-V-E singing its name (OH what is that name, help ok got it ____ peace)

The dove comes to you not in your

Understand, not in your Coax, not in the -ing of

These things

It comes in the “What if…..?” The

questioning of your being-ness, the hyphen shows

the way because it connects you,

every breath, every



to the God, the source, the river

of going home.

With “I forgive”



23 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Journal: Going on a Love Retreat <3

    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m glad that you enjoyed the quote and the poem. Yay! Big hugs back to you … I’m here at the retreat and it’s gorgeous (about to turn off my computer). Sending you blessings from this peace-ful space. 🙂 Hugs to you too! Debbie

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  1. Hello Debbie,
    I know you will be enjoying your retreat as I type this…
    And your ‘What if…’ poem is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing how it all went.
    Much love from Di 💕🌈💕


  2. HI Debbie– wondering if you’re home from your retreat and that i was all that you had hoped. Sounds like a wonderful time to get away and recenter. God bless you friend and you seek more love and compassion– I think you are such a loving person now… xox

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    1. Thank you Rhonda!!! It was a lovely retreat. I recentered in the peace and joy of my heart. God, I especially needed the quiet. Do you know what I mean? Much love and blessings to you and your family. ❤ Debbie


      1. I know exactly what you mean– we’ve been traveling with family for the last 10 days and finally today Larry and I are on our own. We walked for breakfast and I sat and wrote and read all morning. Loved the quiet. Will be good to hear what your week was like… xox

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