Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Quieting My Mind Day 1!

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Happy #ForgivingFridays everyone!   Join with fellow bloggers & post about forgiveness ANY DAY this week.  You can post about “quieting your mind” like I did, or relationship or your body, or even a poem or photo or something else creative.   Anything that opens you to forgive.  You are so supported.  (See guidelines below ❤ )  

***This is my sharing for Frank’s Challenge, History & Nikki’s Prompt, Independence. Frank and Nikki, I am taking my time this week to learn and love my history and to step beyond it as a bridge into my heart. It is also my post for The Daily Post’s Bridge.

Today’s Forgiving Fridays is 7 days of quieting my mind – starting today!

I have such an amazing opportunity to take a 7 day retreat for myself.  My schedule is open.  My partner is out of town. I completed a bunch of projects.  What’s next for Debbie?

I invite you to join me this next week as I quiet my mind, do forgiveness, and ask myself “What’s next for Debbie?”  Here’s what I’m doing each day:


*Breathing consciously


*Forgiveness: Self-forgiveness is the key!!


*And a daily gift!  (Today’s is gratitude)

And each day, I’m doing a little video to do one of these steps.  See below for #1!!

I also want to say that I realize I’ve allowed my past to hold me back.  Much as I am scared to let go, it’s time to learn and to love what it was and to not allow it to stop me anymore.  I am opening to the gentle strength of my abilities, my dreams, and my talents – and I forgive myself for believing anything else.  ❤



I am grateful for all of you who contribute to Forgiving Fridays.  I learn so much from you!  Here are this week’s contributions:

Etta of  Simply Etta D. gave us a beautiful invitation to know we deserve the beautiful things in our life.

Ali of Flashlight Batteries wrote an amazing poem of how to forgive and let go – a first time contributor!

Stella of Giggles and Tales shared fantastic detox tips to release the old & open to what we truly want.

Lorelle of A Mindful Traveller included Forgiving Fridays in her revealing more about herself – also a new contributor!

DeBorah of Roaming Urban Gypsy celebrated her body in two posts with gorgeous photos of herself.

Pragalbha of Infinite Living enriched Forgiving Fridays with her poem on showing up and honoring ourselves.

Karma Knits Love wrote a beautiful piece of how love matters for each of us – another first-time contributor!

Angela of Oxygen4theJourney has amazing tips on slowing down, loving ourselves first, simplifying and forgiving!

And last but certainly not least: 🙂

Nikki of Flying Through Water included Forgiving Connects in her creative prompt on Love (her weekly prompts are so full of creativity!!)


If you do a 7 day – or even a 1 day – retreat to quiet your mind, I’d love to hear how it goes for you!!  Please comment below or email me.   I love you.

Love, Debbie

Here are the guidelines of #ForgivingFridays:  

  • Every day is Friday!  Do a post today or anytime this week.
  • Be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Write a poem, take a photo, post a quote, share your story …  what opens your heart?
  • Tag your post with #ForgivingFridays
  • Create a pingback link to this post so I can find you. ❤
  • Have fun – you are awesome!!  


65 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Quieting My Mind Day 1!

  1. I’m glad to see what you’re going to do every day next week. Wonderful things to do. Letting go the past makes your every day fresh with no entanglement. We can face every day free and fully enjoy the present. I’m so happy to read your post. Miriam

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    1. You said it Miriam! Letting go is so huge. ❤ I am excited & am ready. Forgiving Fridays is such a neat way to focus on the positive – I love it and YOU Miriam!

      By the way, feel free to contribute a post anytime. It would be an honor. Love, Debbie

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    1. Oh Mary, thank you! I’d love to hear your experience with breathing too. I realize for me that it helps me relax and just to be ok with myself exactly as I am.

      You are a blessing. I’m so glad that you’re here. Love, Debbie

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      1. Oh Bella, I am so excited! Looking forward to experiencing your meditation. Yay. ❤ Nurturing is a real key (I'm right now in bed with very comfy blankets around me). Bless you Bella, you are amazing. Debbie

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  2. I spent a quiet afternoon yesterday in silence dusting the bedroom and decluttering, I took a call from an upstairs neighbour and greeted him with a renewed zest for life! I hope your week gives you all that you need…

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    1. Oh that sounds wonderful! It really does make a difference when we take time for ourselves, doesn’t it? So renewing. Glad that you did that (including the decluttering, how great). Have a wonderful week, and much love. Blessings, Debbie

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  3. This is awesome Debbie. On Wednesday I decided to reclaim my space and started doing my quiet times. I did 15 minutes of meditation, 1 hour walking my dog which was great during the early mornings because there was no one else in the park so I really got a rare chance to hear the birds singing. I felt charged and more energized after those small changes.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Love the photos and thanks for introducing to so many wonderful bloggers. xxxx Have an awesome weekend.

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    1. Oh EttaD, that sounds fantastic! Early mornings are one of my favorite times to be with myself. There is just so much stillness. ❤ Glad that you took these quiet times and that it made a difference for you. (and your dog!)

      I'm on Day 3 of my 7 Day quiet retreat, and God I am learning so much about myself. Working through old patterns, emotions, and giving myself nurturing in new ways. Doing more poetry too, which is wonderful. Have a great week! Love and smiles, Debbie

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  4. Debbie, a wonderful week that you are starting with breathing and gratitude. Breathing provides us the life essence that allows us to quietly focus on our being and our path through the universe.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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    1. God, Frank that is so well put. Thank you, both for your wisdom and for continuing to do your photo challenge. Each week, I wonder if it will be as profound for me as the last, and it always is. Hope you and your wife had a beautiful week! Many blessings. Debbie

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    1. You are the best, Nikki!! Thanks so much. ❤ I love your round up, it's awesome.

      I am learning so much. Doing a Facebook video every day, and poetry and a journal entry with forgiveness. Each day, I'm giving myself a gift of quieting my mind, such as gratitude, listening, and nurturing. It's so self-honoring! More to come. xo

      Love you and love your creative prompts!! Debbie

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  5. Debbie, thank you for sharing my poem. I hope it inspires others. I am grateful that you are sharing your plan for the next 7 days. I am going on vacation and thinking of ways to learn to relax. This may sound funny but I have anxiety and traveling can get me spun up. I want to learn to relax my body and I am struggling. I look forward to hearing about your journey. I am going to meditate each day, walk/run, and try to be present to the joy right in front of me. Thank you for the opportunity to reflect and choose my path forward.

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    1. Hi Ali, you are so welcome! I love the steps that you chose for yourself. I’d love to hear how things go for you, if you want to share. 🙂 (I’m a runner too)

      I particularly appreciate wanting to learn to relax your body. There can be such value in that. Breathing really helps me, as does just soothing myself and giving myself love. ❤

      Have a WONDERFUL vacation. So glad you're here. Thanks again for the beautiful poem and graphic, Ali. Blessings, Debbie

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    1. Yes! Awesome. Anne, you are such a forgiving spiritual warrior, I love you so much. 🙂 It’s going really great – a lot coming up for loving and forgiving. ❤ The poetry is particularly amazing… Sending you ever so much joy, Anne Naylor! Love and Light, Debbie

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    1. Oh Stella, I look forward to your posts too. So glad Forgiving Fridays speaks to you … it’s an amazing focus, isn’t it?

      Treating ourselves really well is so key. I’m learning a lot about that this week with my peace retreat. The blessings are still revealing themselves to me …. so far, I’ve gotten gifts of inspiration, gratitude, nurturing, and great joy. (Pretty good, huh?) I wish for you all of this and more, my friend!

      Love and blessings, Debbie


  6. Hello Debbie,
    This is such a wonderful post. I’m so happy that you will give yourself these little gifts to nurture yourself.
    I trust you will discover much during your retreat and your journaling times.
    The little girl photo is so gorgeous and a powerful exercise…
    Wishing you a beautiful week,
    Hugs from Di 💐💜

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    1. Oh Di, thank you so much! I know that you get the nurturing … to me, your blog posts are centered around how to nurture yourself and share your caring with others (quite a blessing). Each day, the gift I’m giving to myself is coming to me as a quality. Today was joy. I shared about it on my YouTube, God it inspired me to claim the truth in me. In case you’d like to watch for you, here it is:

      Sending you so much love, Di. Hope you are having a gorgeous and Light-filled week. 🙂 Debbie

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      1. Hello Debbie,
        You’re very welcome, and yes, I do understand…very much so.
        Joy sounds like a wonderful intention for today. I shall endeavour to copy and paste your video in YouTube. Thank you for the link, as well as for your kind words about my blog 🙏🏼
        Wishing you a joy filled and peaceful week, dear Debbie💐💕💕

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  7. Hi Debbie, It has taken me a while to join in your #ForgivingFridays – simply because I never quite understood how these things work. Now a year older and wiser – I think i get it.

    So I just wanted to say that this week I am planning to share two forgiveness post. A meditation on Tuesday 11th July, Thursday 13th July and forgiveness quotes on Saturday 15 th July. Well that is the plan – let see. I will pingback to this post – I hope I do it right.

    Have a great sunday and a great week.
    Regards Bella

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    1. Oh Bella, this is wonderful. I so encourage you to go for it! Your expression of forgiveness will be and is beautiful because it is your heart speaking.

      Do your best with the pingback. I’m happy to help. 🙂 🙂 So feel free to be in touch.

      Have a beautiful week, Bella. Love, Debbie

      ps – you reminded me of this beautiful Rumi quote,

      “Don’t you know yet? It is your Light that lights the worlds.” ❤

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    1. Thank you Kathy so much! I am learning significant things (and that doesn’t even begin to describe it). Right now, I’m just sitting in the awareness … working out how to share the keys for this Friday’s blog. I am sure it will come in. Joy is so present with me today, Kathy. Moments of joy – and right now, what is bringing me joy is seeing your awesome smile – great photo! You truly are wonderful, I hope you know that. Blessings, Debbie

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    1. Yippee!!! Got it Bella. Love your contribution …. the heart is the center of loving. So gorgeous. Rumi has a quote, “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bless you in all ways, Bella! Will share this on Friday with my next Forgiving Fridays. Love, Debbie xo

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    1. Oh Maniparna, thank you! So true — and your comments are full of caring. I really appreciate you and your presence of love. You contribute a lot to this blog 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of your week, and feel free to contribute to Forgiving Fridays again if you want to!


  8. Thank you Debbie – I needed to stop procrastinating and take a moment to re-focus. You reminded me to do that and ‘I’m grateful’ for you and your lovely blog which always brings a smile to my face and puts love in my heart! xx

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    1. Oh Wendy, that is so great. I’ve been doing journaling, poetry, video, and focusing on a quality each day, and it is PROFOUND! You can do it! You have such a powerful presence and are so courageous. I love you. Go for it, Wendy! Love, Debbie

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      1. Thanks Debbie.. I’m getting myself ‘back in gear’.. so hopefully I’ll be ‘raring to go’ very soon.. I can feel a bit of oomph coming back thank goodness! x

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