Today’s forgiving journal: The Soothing Voice of Forgiveness

Today’s forgiving journal is about the soothing voice of forgiveness.

I broke my computer today.

I really got down on myself.  I knew I was judging.  I was really being grouchy and mean to myself (and the person I love the most).

I realized I had an opportunity to walk my talk when I didn’t want to.  And I did it.

I started by calling someone.  I just needed someone to be my witness.  (Sometimes having support is really key, right?)

I then asked myself, “What can I let go of?”  When I did this, I realized I didn’t want to take responsibility for what happened – I was playing the victim.  And I got that someone in my past – mother, father, etc. – may have reacted when I broke something, or did something else “wrong”.

Time for forgiveness:

1 – I forgive myself for judging the part of me that wants to play the victim as wrong or bad.  I forgive myself for judging my mom and dad and anyone else as bad for their reactions.  I forgive myself for judging myself for making myself wrong for breaking the computer.

2 – I let this go with my own soothing voice.  It’s ok that I broke my computer. It’s ok that I judged myself for it, and played the victim.  And it’s ok that other people had their reactions.

3 – I am so grateful for this opportunity to let go – wow.  I am grateful for choosing into speaking to myself in kind words.  And I am grateful for my parents being exactly who they are.  They are really ok inside of me, and so am I.


The funny thing is, I’m preparing for a workshop this Friday called “The Soothing Voice of Forgiveness”.  I just got a good look at how I’d like to do this event with ME first.  Isn’t that where it all starts?

I love you.

Love, Debbie

ps – you are welcome to participate in this workshop – it’s online and free. Click here to sign up.

Here’s a video I just posted about the experience!  ❤


28 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: The Soothing Voice of Forgiveness

  1. How sweet is the sound of forgiving! My suggestion for those going off times is to surrender and extend infinite tenderness and loving towards myself. This too shall pass. Blessings of Light and joy to you.

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  2. Oh wow, breaking a computer is so awful. I understand that you played the victim, I think I would’ve reacted the same! Glad that you turned this bad experience into a learning thing. It’s amazing that you did that! I got a lot out of this blogpost, thank you for that! Many blessings, Anne ♥

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    1. Oh, Anne, I’m so glad to hear it. Thank you for your comments – you’re like a breath of fresh air. I appreciate what you’re sharing, how you may have reacted the way I did. SO important to be honest with ourselves — from that place, we can make positive change (starting perhaps with just loving ourselves exactly as we are). So many blessings, Anne ❤ Debbie

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  3. Debbie, I really respect your dedication and strength of character. Where most would quickly dismiss outbursts of frustration as justified responses to “the world’s injustice,” you choose to step back, acknowledge your missteps, FORGIVE yourself, and begin to move on.
    It’s a wonderful example we can all emmulate. Cheers!

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    1. Oh Gabe, thank you! This is such a nice acknowledgment. I really take it in. You have such a lovely perspective, did you know that? It’s refreshing and beautiful. Sending you blessings and the strength to step back and forgive, and move on too. 🙂 Debbie Cheers to you too Gabe!

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  4. It’s so true Debbie– when we are teaching others about something– sometimes we need a big lesson for ourselves first! Were you able to get your computer fixed?? I dropped my laptop last fall and had the replace the screen for $500! ugh. Hope yours is up and running… hugs friend! xo

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    1. Oh my gosh, Rhonda! Sending you much love and Light. Well, my computer situation is in process. Please keep it in your prayers. I’m aware that right now, I have an opportunity to choose an attitude of gratitude. ❤ That is what I'm doing – yay! Love to you my friend, and hugs.


  5. Great post – it is so helpful to have the process of (self)forgiveness broken down into doable steps; so useful for when the overwhelm hits to remember that a healing voice is always there, and always available (in my experience, it can take so long to get to step 3!). This is so beautiful! Thanks much, Debbie. 🙂 (and very cute beanie!)

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    1. Ha ha thanks! I love that beanie 🙂 YES it can take a while to get from Step 2 to Step 3, I appreciate that a lot. And maybe a key is to be kind and gentle with ourselves as we move in that direction of forgiveness. It is all ok. ❤ Sending you ever so much loving!! Have a great weekend, my friend (and Happy Forgiving Friday!)

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  6. We all have those moments don’t we and sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves. Loved your video Debbie and the four steps you described. It’s great you were able to phone someone and even better that you were able to be kind to yourself. That’s the key isn’t it? Hugs and peace for a great weekend xo

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    1. Oh Miriam, yes! It is so key to speak kind words to ourselves. Love that you said that. I’m about to do a soothing voice of forgiveness class in honor of Forgiving Fridays, and your comments directly relate to what I’m sharing with participants. You are such a blessing, do you know that? Big hugs and have a wonderful weekend too. Love and Light always, Debbie


    1. Oh Brigid I’m so glad!! Funny how computers brought us together in multiple ways for this class. 😊😊😊 It was so lovely to meet you in person, be in touch anytime. Have a wonderful weekend, and many blessings, Brigid. -Debbie

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