Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Really Really showing up to love me

This is my contribution to #ForgivingFridays –feel free to join in on your blog any day this week!   It’s also my post for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Challenge, Red Green Blue. Frank, I didn’t think I had anything, and then I saw my painting of love in different colors. It’s perfect for Forgiving Fridays!  Thank you so much.

Today’s Forgiving Fridays is really really showing up to love me.

It’s #ForgivingFridays! A day to share about forgiveness on your blog. (if you want to! See below for guidelines

Last week, Bernice of SpiritualJourney17 contributed a wonderful blog on how to let go of old hurts with forgiveness. So many keys to forgive! also shared for Forgiving Fridays with a beautiful Rilke quote on “living the questions”.   Both of these posts illustrate just how creative forgiveness can be – love truly comes in many colors.  Thank you for these caring sharings. ❤

For me this week, I just want to share that I’m struggling.  I woke up this morning really down, like I didn’t have anything to contribute for Forgiving Fridays.  I’m just at a loss.

I did a video on Facebook live at least 7 times before I did one that I liked.

I am judging my expression.

A friend of mine recently gave me a book, “Love Poems from God”.  She said that I am a love poem from God.  What I know is that love comes in different colors, and my deep prayer and intention is to know the many colors of love inside of me!!

Time for forgiving:

I forgive myself for judging my expression as stupid or wrong in any way.

I forgive myself for judging myself for reposting my Facebook live video so many times.

I forgive myself for judging myself for forgetting that love shows up in all of me.

And a biggie…..  I forgive myself for judging myself as unloveable exactly as I am.


I have a painting on my wall called “Love in Different Colors”.  When I first started Forgiving Fridays, it was a part of my first post.  Because I wanted each of us to share our own creative ways to forgive.

I just learned a lot this morning about my own creative way to forgive.  I really show up for myself – again and again – with a deep prayer and intention to love.

Please join in Forgiving Fridays any day this week.  It is a blessing to read your posts.

I love you.

Love, Debbie

Here are the guidelines of #ForgivingFridays:  

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  • Every day is Friday!  Do a post today or anytime this week.
  • Free free to be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Whatever inspire forgiving inside you.
  • Tag your post with #ForgivingFridays (here’s a great WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post. This way, I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week.
  • Have fun creating your own form of forgiving, of loving YOU!!

Here is the Facebook video I ended up doing this morning ❤ :  

45 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Really Really showing up to love me

  1. Beloved Debbie, You are love. You are Joy. You are a bright Light. You are a caring and devoted minister of service. That is the Truth. The rest that is any lesser is just do-do on the way! Have a giggle on me and a glorious weekend.

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    1. He he he! Anne, you are a bundle of joy & such a blessed Soul friend. Thank you for this. What great keys to showing up for ourselves — speak the truth and have a laugh. Beautiful weekend to you too, my friend. Full of Beloved joy. Love and Light, Debbie ❤


  2. Oh, Debbie, I am so sorry that you are down today! When I’m down I call my sister or read scriptures to lift me up. I try to be kind to myself and indulge in something I like to do, to feel better. Your book Love Poems From God doubts like a great start to forgiveness and feeling better. Many blessings to you. Love and Light 💗🙏

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  3. I feel all these steps that we take for creating audios, videos take so much courage when we begin. So much judgment comes up. It is so powerful to acknowledge that judgement and release it with forgiveness. Thank you for this awareness.

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  4. Hello dear Debbie,
    A wonderful post, thank you, that has so much truth to it. Honestly, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to accept how we feel, as you articulated, and then sit with it and not judge it as good or bad, right or wrong. And your video expresses this perfectly.
    I hope you feel happy from your honest expression of this.
    Much love from Di 🌹❤️

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    1. Di, this is a profound comment, thank you. ❤ Acceptance is my solid foundation for forgiveness! In fact, my spiritual mentor John-Roger has called acceptance 'the first law of Spirit'. It's true in my experience! And letting go of right and wrong, or good and bad, is a key to forgiving. You are such a blessing, thanks for being here. Love, Debbie ❤ ❤

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      1. Hello dear Debbie,
        Thank you for your lovely reply. I adore that concept and I can totally see that it would be classed as the first law of spirit…. so much rests upon that first step.
        I truly value your kind words and I thank you for them, lovely lady … 🦋💕

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  5. My name is Deborah and I forgive myself. Thank you Debbie for showing up as you are, an authentic example of how to deal with the days we feel down on ourself – ‘show up as you are’. Sending you hugs, my beautiful friend 😊❤️

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    1. Deborah, yay!! I love that you forgive yourself. ❤ 🙂 Congratulations & much love and hugs. So important to "show up as we are". I'm breathing that in right now. (I am working on breathing forgiveness and love into my body to help ground it). Have a wonderful week, and so many blessings, Debbie

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  6. Hi Debbie As much as I like social media, I do sometimes think it hinders us from being our true selves. I remember when I tried making a 2 minute video to promote my business, I could not get the freeze-frame of myself to be anything other than a scowl, however much I tried smiling when I started to roll the camera!! I made so many attempts that I couldn’t even think of my own name on one take!! Lots of giggles and then a realisation that I was taking it far too seriously. After that I stopped worrying how I looked and sounded and was just myself. I think we judge ourselves far too much on how we look etc. Your post is beautiful, with your lovely smile and words, and such a wonderful picture of the colours of love. Blessings for a joy-filled week. xx

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    1. Aww Judith, I really like this experience, thank you for sharing it. ❤ So true – a big key is just taking things lightly, having a giggle, and reminding ourselves that we can share our hearts and be of service EXACTLY as we are. Blessings your way, Judith. It is so uplifting to connect with you.

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  7. I’m sending a big big hug Debbie and hope that your forgiveness of yourself is helping you to feel the love of those you touch with your blog.. Thank you for touching my heart xxx

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      1. Yes I’ve found just accepting ‘what is’ is often the best way to move ourselves forward and to avoid wasting energy on the ‘what if’s’ etc. You are so welcome lovely lady! It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it is that we can connect with people in such a loving and caring way even across great distances… Thanks my friend xxx

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  8. I love your Forgiving Fridays. I’m not ready yet to take the steps to participate (my issues, not anything with your post guidelines), but I find reading them very encouraging.

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    1. Oh Lacey, that’s great! So glad you get value from them 💜 And I hear you about not participating yet. I encourage you to trust your process and invite your contribution if and when the timing is great!! Love Debbie

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  9. Hello dear Debbie,
    Thank you for sharing your feelings about how you woke up today and I love your word ‘observing’ yourself and how you’re going.
    I too felt flat today and in answer to your question, I realised that I take myself off to nature and capture some images which I adore to do, but I noticed I also walk slower and drive slower… almost as if I need gentleness to surround me completely.
    It’s part of my self care and I accept that every now and then it’s really important as you too, to acknowledge how we feel and honour it.
    Thank you for a lovely post, beautiful. Enjoy your weekend 🦋💜

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    1. Oh Di, thanks for sharing your experience. ❤ It really touched me. The line that stood out especially is, "almost as if I need gentleness to surround me completely." How kind and self-honoring. You are such a gift to me, and I'm grateful to have you on this blog!! Sending you blessings and a prayer of kindness, love, and peace. Debbie

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      1. Hello dear Debbie,
        I always feel very welcome and supported when I read your beautiful replies or comments.
        Thank you so much. It’s all we really can offer each other isn’t it? And the most wonderful tonic and healer in the world….
        Thank you sincerely my friend.
        We’re all in this together…
        May you have a blessed week and until next week, sending much love and hugs to you from me 💕💐💕

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