Today’s Forgiving Journal: One Year Anniversary

Hi Beloved Followers,

Today is my one year anniversary of being on this blog.  It has been such a beautiful year, full of love and forgiveness.  What really touched me is just how much I have grown to care about you you – my WordPress family.  Thank you for being a part of my life, and for welcoming me to this community.

In honor of my one year anniversary, I have a poem on forgiveness, “Dawn”, that I wrote at a peace ranch.  This will be my second submission for Frank of Dutch Goes the Photo’s weekly challenge, Morning.  (Click here for my first one. 🙂  ) Frank is one of the very first bloggers I met here on WordPress, and I’ve been doing his challenge for a long time!  I get so many blessings from participating.  Thanks Frank!

Many blessings to us all.

To many more years to come,

I love you.

Love, Debbie


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When out

Out of the shadows –

Wait is it


When is the

dark out. What is it when

the dark goes?

-OK it is all

OK. The dark

Leaves, too.

It is a nurturing part of this


only to say, the dawn.

The dawn heralds

its coming with

the LIFE of a

new day. Where

does the dark go?

Oh, Beloved, it is

all the sam. The

E is still here, just as the dark.

In the Heart of Love.

I forgive, that too.

Bless this day in

-Wait. How do I

know it is there?

Wait, I don’t really

see. How can it

be the time to end?

I am so sad it

engulfs me. –

OK. It is not the

dark you miss.

It is not the

DAWN. (Caps

for the heralding,

this is a key

to love)

The thing that


miss is the

Beloved in the

steps you take. Well,

beautiful friend,

this is not the

thing. The thing,

dear One, is that you, you,

you you + even

more you,

is the DAWN

-D. Roth.

79 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Journal: One Year Anniversary

    1. Oh Anne, thank you! I took the first one outside this morning when I was running… it’s so peaceful to go for exercise first thing when it’s quiet and fairly still. ❤ Sending you much love – and what a great phrase 'Forgiving Mondays'. ~Debbie


  1. Your poem is beautiful Debbie, I read it through a couple of times. Yes, embracing all of us, I love it! 💕 Congrats too on one year of blogging. How wonderful. May you enjoy many many more. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello dear Debbie,
    Another wonderful post 🌟🌟
    As a new comer I can only say a huge congratulations to you and to let you know how it seems like I’ve known you for so much longer than the handful of weeks.
    You seem to have that gift about you and I’m very grateful we connected here.
    This is a heartfelt and beautiful post and poem and we must embrace all sides to us as you suggested.
    May you have a blessed week Debbie 💕💕

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    1. Oh Di – you too! I feel like I’ve known you for ages. Sign of a loving, heart-felt connection. You are a sweetheart, and I’m glad and privileged to know you. Feel free to be in touch anytime, you have a magnificent energy, and your blog is so full of positivity. I am sending many, many blessings to you and to your experience blogging! Go, Di! Love and Light, Debbie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello lovely Debbie!
        What a gorgeous and kind reply. Thank you so much for your words and the pleasure is all mine.
        I shall keep your kind offer about being in touch in my heart.
        And in case you feel unloved, I have read your previous post and made comment but with this commenting area of WordPress being a little temperamental, I hope it is visible and not in Spam… it’s happened with another site too.
        You are also full of positivity wrapped around your awakenings and what has worked for you.
        Thank you for reaching out first to this new comer! I truly believe those who are meant to, will find us.
        I am always grateful you asked me to participate in your forgivingFridays.

        Sending blessings to you too Debbie, and may you feel at peace

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      2. I’ve got it Di! Funny, one of your comments went to spam, and I found it. All the rest are doing good. 💖 Hugs, my friend. Know you have A Light Cheerleader in me for you and your blog 😊 I am sending lots of joy your way for a great day. Love Debbie

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      3. Hello beautiful!
        Isn’t it funny what goes to Spam occasionally! There seems to be no pattern! But I’m glad you found it. It’s my nature to make sure you are seen and I’d hate for you to think I’d overlooked your post.
        Thank you so much for your kind words of support…. I think you can tell you have mine in return….
        Hugs and wishing you a joyful weekend Debbie…✨✨💕✨

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      4. Hello beautiful!
        What can I say? All I can say is I’m touched and thank you so much… what a compliment and I’m blown away by it… from the bottom of my heart to yours, I wish you nothing but blessings and send my hugs and love to you too🌈
        (I will look forward to reading your new post today and send you a message. Hope it arrives where it should!)
        Thank you again kind Debbie 💕🌟

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  3. A very BIG congratulations Debbie. A wonderful poem to celebrate your amazing year and I’m so glad I’ve been part of your blog family! Much love and wishing all your dreams come true! xx

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    1. Oh Wendy, thank you so much! It is so wonderful to know you too!! 🙂 Your blog makes me smile, and I acknowledge you for all the ways I see you expanding in your creative expression. Yay, Wendy! Sending you love and blessings. Thanks for your encouragement and love, it makes my blog that much more beautiful. ~Debbie

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  4. Many congrats Debbie on your one year anniversary. Isn’t the WordPress community lovely? I’ve met some beautiful souls here too – including your good self. Wonderful poem ……. thank you for sharing.
    Here’s to many more blog posts …………. 🙂 🙂 xx

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    1. Yay, Judith!! Thank you. 🙂 It is so good to know you. Frank’s challenge has given me many gifts, and one significant one is connecting with you, my friend. Many, many blessings to you and lots of hugs too. ~Debbie

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    1. Oh Lacey THANK YOU! This is a really beautiful comment. I get that you got the importance of this milestone for me. ❤ Wow, that really touched my heart. So grateful to know you, my friend. I love you! Blessings to you and your family and blog -Debbie

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  5. Congratulations. Funny how I found your blog on the first anniversary of yours on here. (Okay that’s not really funny. My bad.) But new follower! I hope you hit so many more milestones as such. Good luck xD


  6. Happy Blog-iversary, Debbie! 🙂 I’m so glad to have found your blog. It inspires me to live with more gratitude and compassion, and is reacquainting me with…. grace! Truly transforming. Thank you for sharing the beautiful words, poem, and reflection. Looking forward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh, thank you for this beautiful comment. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad that my blog is helpful for you ❤ You are an inspiration with your gratitude and compassion. (And your presence blesses my blog too!)
      Have a wonderful rest of your week. ~Debbie


    1. So true, Rhonda. Wow. I am so glad to have “met” you and that we are blog friends … your hugs bring many smiles to my life. Thank you for your uplifting present to me, and to this forgiveness blog. I love you. Blessings -Debbie

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    1. Thank you!! Yes, the dark and light really moved through my poem. And it’s all touched by self-compassion and forgiveness. I’m happy that you enjoyed it, and thank you for being here. ❤ My heart is smiling to YOU. Many blessings, Debbie ps – great blog you have.

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  7. Congratulations, Debbie, on your 1 year blogging anniversary. A year goes by so fast, doesn’t it? It’s great to read your blog every week and it’s great to learn a lot of things from you. You’re such an inspirational person!! Much love, Anne ♥

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  8. I’m not sure how long you’ve followed my blog, or I’ve followed yours, but you are one of the first, if not the first blog I follow. I’ve seen you grow, responses now in the dozens and dozens. Your journey into forgiveness and love has deepened my own journey of transformation. I meditate on forgiveness every day.

    Bless you and thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rebecca, I am so touched. Your post gave me inspiration to keep going, to keep forgiving, and to keep blogging. I am sending much love to you, and I join in meditating on forgiveness every day. ❤ Please be in contact anytime. Thank you for being here. Blessings, Debbie ps – your work is so important! You have a cheerleader in me.


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