Today’s forgiving journal: What is your prayer for forgiveness?

Today’s forgiving journal is … what is your prayer for forgiveness?

A fellow blogger, Dutch Goes the Photo, does a photo challenge each week.  Last week’s challenge was “fire”, and he invited us with a question “What is your burning desire?”

I wasn’t going to do the photo challenge (I mean, today is Monday so it’s already time for another challenge!), then I had a dream with this photo that I took.  So here I am.

It’s a photo of a solarium in a peace retreat – which is where I live. The photo is from my window, it’s the view I have every day.

I am so grateful to live here you guys.  It reminds me to look for love and beauty everywhere.  And to forgive.

My forgiveness tool is a three-step process: 1) Self-forgiveness; 2) Letting Go; and 3) Gratitude.  I’m going to do this process today as a simple 3-line prayer for forgiveness, inspired by this photo.

Please join me! Does this photo inspire forgiveness for you?  What is your prayer for forgiveness?  Feel free to share ❤



My Prayer for Forgiveness:

I forgive myself for judging myself

I let it all go into the Light

I am so grateful for eyes of love.

-D. Roth





Ps – this solarium is where thousands of people meditate for the purposes of knowing themselves as love. Frank — thank you so much for helping me to take in this experience.

36 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: What is your prayer for forgiveness?

  1. Beautiful photo, Debbie. My prayer for forgiveness today would be of allowing a sense of separation disconnect me from the Oneness. Heartfelt blessings to you!

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  2. I love this! I have meditated in that solarium many times. I will be visiting there again in March, and look forward to being there again. I live in Alaska, but always enjoy my trips south. Love and Light, Debbie!

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    1. Thank you, Alison! Love and Light to you too. So glad that you visited my blog, and that you’ll be coming back in March. Big hugs to you and blessings to your place in Alaska ❤ Love, Debbie


  3. Thank you for this, Debbie. I have put yours in my cell phone’s memo section to read during the day. Twice each day my phone alarm goes off as my times to read my affirmations – and I’m adding this prayer to those times. Sending you much love ❤

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  4. Wow ! That’s such a beautiful view. You sure are extremely lucky to wake up every day to such a mesmerising view ! So well written,your posts always remind me to forgive,let go and be grateful. ☺️

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