Today’s forgiving journal: What is your prayer for forgiveness?

Today’s forgiving journal is … what is your prayer for forgiveness?

A fellow blogger, Dutch Goes the Photo, does a photo challenge each week.  Last week’s challenge was “fire”, and he invited us with a question “What is your burning desire?”

I wasn’t going to do the photo challenge (I mean, today is Monday so it’s already time for another challenge!), then I had a dream with this photo that I took.  So here I am.

It’s a photo of a solarium in a peace retreat – which is where I live. The photo is from my window, it’s the view I have every day.

I am so grateful to live here you guys.  It reminds me to look for love and beauty everywhere.  And to forgive.

My forgiveness tool is a three-step process: 1) Self-forgiveness; 2) Letting Go; and 3) Gratitude.  I’m going to do this process today as a simple 3-line prayer for forgiveness, inspired by this photo.

Please join me! Does this photo inspire forgiveness for you?  What is your prayer for forgiveness?  Feel free to share ❤



My Prayer for Forgiveness:

I forgive myself for judging myself

I let it all go into the Light

I am so grateful for eyes of love.

-D. Roth





Ps – this solarium is where thousands of people meditate for the purposes of knowing themselves as love. Frank — thank you so much for helping me to take in this experience.

36 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: What is your prayer for forgiveness?

  1. Beautiful photo, Debbie. My prayer for forgiveness today would be of allowing a sense of separation disconnect me from the Oneness. Heartfelt blessings to you!

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  2. I love this! I have meditated in that solarium many times. I will be visiting there again in March, and look forward to being there again. I live in Alaska, but always enjoy my trips south. Love and Light, Debbie!

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  3. Thank you for this, Debbie. I have put yours in my cell phone’s memo section to read during the day. Twice each day my phone alarm goes off as my times to read my affirmations – and I’m adding this prayer to those times. Sending you much love ❤

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  4. Wow ! That’s such a beautiful view. You sure are extremely lucky to wake up every day to such a mesmerising view ! So well written,your posts always remind me to forgive,let go and be grateful. ☺️

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