Today’s forgiving journal: Doing something a little different!

For today’s forgiving journal, I’d like to do something a little different.  I have a story for you.

I was getting a ride from a dear friend, Veronique, to Santa Monica.  She was going to drop me off somewhere.  Before we got there, she mentioned that she really wanted to see the sunset at the beach (she’s from Switzerland, so this is a novelty for her.)  I really heard her, and I changed my plans so that we could do this together.

The traffic is only such like one can see in L.A., and still we made it down to the Santa Monica pier in perfect timing.  Veronique found the most awesome parking spot (a very big deal on the pier!) and we walked onto the beach as the sun was radiating glorious hues of red, orange, and gold.

I wanted to walk on the beach alongside my friend, yet I hadn’t really dressed for it in my suede boots.  The sand was super cold, and I didn’t care.  I took my shoes off and got my feet right in there.  It felt so good – so free, so energizing – to walk with this person who I loved so much, in this gorgeous scene.

I tell you this story, because it is a good analogy for where I’m going in my life.  I got here to LA and thought I may be going one place, and then a whole glorious opportunity opened up.  I’m planning on doing a spiritual psychology coaching program, as a way to explore what’s next with this forgiving project.

You guys, I am so excited and I have also had so much fear come up.  I forgive myself:

I forgive myself for judging myself for not stepping into the cold sand sooner.

I let this go into the Light so that I may walk free.

I am so grateful for my courage to walk into the unknown, hand-in-hand with love.

Sooo…..  my blog may be changing.  My videos may be changing, or growing, or well..let’s see how it goes!  There’s a blossoming happening, and I’m ready. Please keep my new steps in your heart and bless this forgiving project with your love.

Thank you so much.



**This post is my contribution to Dutch Goes the Photo’s challenge this week, cold.  Frank, the sand was cold and oh so glorious!  I’m ready for my next adventure.  🙂



34 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Doing something a little different!

  1. What a great story, Debbie! I’m so happy for you. And, I love it that you walked in the cold sand. We just took our girls and their friends for a brief stop at the Santa Monica pier on what we call our Iconic LA Day (a day trip hitting all the cool iconic places in LA).

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  2. Oh wow – I’m excited DebbieY to see how your ‘petals unfurl’ to reveal more ‘inner brilliance’.. If we all took a leaf out of your book to light up the world with your smile, the World would be a better place..
    I can’t wait to see your tree full of beautiful blossom! x

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      1. Well you are So Very Welcome my friend!! It’s great to be part of your blogging community and what a beautiful comment about me and my blog which I truly value! Thank you Debbie xxx

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      1. Thank you so much I GREATLY appreciate it. You made my day and hope you follow me on my blogging journey as I hope to continue to encourage with positive energy. And we all need that:)


  3. Beautiful! This parallels my life now, also. I can feel the changes and forgive myself for the doubt and fear that try to make their way in. I let them go to the light, some days hourly! But I am ready 💖

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    1. Beautiful! I hear you and love that. Much love and Light to you on your steps in this journey. One of the things I’m present to right now is to love it all. (A big key and learning for me) Thank you for sharing ❤
      Blessings — Debbie


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