Today’s forgiving journal: Living Fully

Today’s forgiving journal is about living fully.
I do a photo challenge each week from a dear blogger, Dutch Goes the Photo. This week, the topic was “Fruit”. Each time I thought of it, the phrase “fruits of my labor” came up.
So what I’m present to is that it’s been a really big year for me. I left my job, moved cross country, started and ended a romantic relationship and began this forgiving connects work.
I intended to use this Labor Day weekend to tune inside and listen deeply for what my heart is calling me to do now.
I am aware that I’m not taking the time to enjoy what I’ve created…to live it fully. I have such a lovely home, and blog, and community of friends. Most importantly, I have done such amazing work on ME, learning how to love myself and to trust in that love.
Time for forgiving:
1 – I forgive myself for judging myself for wanting to run to my next step. I forgive myself for judging myself for not wanting to truly enjoy and receive the gifts of life.
2 – I let all of this rushing, all of this urgency go into the Light. I just give it over so that I can walk free.
3 – I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life…. For my beautiful home, for this gorgeous blog, for my self-love and for my courage to help bring these things to harvest. 🙂
I had to rewrite this blog because I wanted to skip over the fact that I’m having a tough time just being here and enjoying the fruit that is so present from the choices I’ve made.
Well, I am here and taking it in the best I can. This blog is my way of saying, Hey I am doing so great.
Sometimes the greatest calling of the heart is just to enjoy my life and to live it fully.
I love you.
ps – did you know that tomatoes are a fruit? (Thank you Frank for the reminder.) Here’s one from my garden!!!

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