Today’s forgiving journal: Stillness in rest

Today’s forgiving journal is about stillness in rest.

This week, I just don’t feel like doing much of anything.  I don’t want to work at a job I love.  I don’t want to write in this blog. I don’t want to do my usual videos on forgiving.  My enthusiasm is a bit off.

At first, I tried to ignore it.  I can definitely get into the “do, do, do…”  With the help of a good friend, I realized that I need some time to rest and be still.

So I’m doing my best with this.  Taking one step at a time and seeing what’s present.  I am feeling some loss about what I had and some fear about what’s ahead.  And being gentle with me best I can.

Time for forgiving:

The Stillness of rest Aug 26 2016

1 – I forgive myself for judging myself for living with regrets.  I forgive myself for judging myself for not trusting myself to make decisions I’m at peace with.

2 – I let go of all this judgment into the Light and I step free. I allow my heart to express.

3 – I am grateful for forgiving for processing my mind, my emotions, my imagination, my unconscious, and my body. I am grateful for how my enthusiasm lets me know when I am on and off course.  It’s my friend.


I am now present to the question, “Who am I?”  Yes, the existential question.  J  I’ve done a lot of work on myself with this question.  Now, I’m being taken deeper in this period of quiet.

My friend has been waiting for her purple flowers in the back garden to bloom.  They did when I was here.  I took a picture.  Sometimes it just takes stillness for beauty to be birthed.

I love you.

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And for more on forgiving and rest ❤

22 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Stillness in rest

  1. Wow I love the stillness quotes. They really speak to me today. I have been preparing a Memorial Service to give tomorrow. The person who passed was very powerful and challenged in her life. It is a blessing to be serving her in her life passage.

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    1. Aww Lacey, thank you! I appreciate your caring … could really use it right about now. Going to go and meditate. That helps a lot. So do these comments and connecting with bloggers like you! Have a wonderful weekend, Lacey, and many blessings ❤

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  2. Hey Debbie, Great post, I think it so important just to be still, just to be, just to be quiet, just to read, to contemplate and make oneself whole. I feel if i am always expending out then and not taking time to fill myself and ground myself, to meditate to read spiritual books, or motivation books, or garden, draw, or just make an art of the mundane, then I am running on empty. And when i run on empty – spiritually empty, emotionally empty then that when it goes wrong. Silence and time alone is so important for me and I must get it everyday – i cant function if I dont.

    thanks for sharing such a great post.

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      1. Hi Debbie, I always forget to exercise, and we are supposed to 30 -45 mins a day. Exercise is so important not just for physical health, heart health but also mental health. When we exercise we release things in our brain that make us happy (being lazy to figure the hormone names). Now that I am working I am even worse. Having said that mum and I did a gym session today and feel great for it. Obviously mum is gently active, and I am just a tiny bit more active. I have noticed with working if i sit for long my legs get stuck… Thanks for the reminder on exercise.. I really have to get my act together!

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  3. I’ve come to view low times as time before take off 🙂 Something is brewing and we’re just getting ready for the big blast 🙂 I love the quotes. And the flowers. Thanks for sharing so much beauty ❤

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