Today’s forgiving journal: Going into the Hidden Places

Today’s forgiving blog is about going into the hidden places.
When I did my Practical Treatise for my doctoral program (in spiritual Debbie Graduatingscience, I might add – how cool is that?), I started out with two quotes. Here’s one of them:
“It takes great courage to see the face of God because you first have to look at your own.”
-John-Roger, Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom
I really lived this today. I went into some place inside that felt dirty, dark, neverending, and oh so emotional. These are parts that I used to shove down with: food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Now I am looking at them, more than that I am learning to be ok with them as they are.
This my friends is a huge key (at least for me) to forgiving: making those parts ok that I don’t want to look at, delving into them a bit to allow the clearing and the loving, and coming out again.
As I write this, I’m aware that I’m not sure what it’s like to come out again – I mean, I feel a little blank, a little up and down, a tiny bit sad. And even a bit pensive. I’m not going to rush through this experience; rather, I’m going to let it reveal to me what I need to know about myself for for-giving. That is cool.
Thank you God.
I love you all!
Love, Debbie

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