Today’s forgiving journal: Being my own best friend

Today’s forgiveness blog is short and sweet and it’s all about being my own best friend.

I made a flight to go to Los Angeles today.  It’s for tomorrow morning!  I think it’s the first time I’ve ever done that.  There’s a beautiful class this weekend that I can participate in, and I’m staying with really, really good friends.  I needed this, and something in me knew it all day.  (I kept prepping for things like I was going away….straightening up, going through my mail, etc.)

Anyway, I am present to being my own best friend – to do those things I know to do to help myself, to reassure myself that everything is ok, and to focus my attention on taking really good care of myself. Right now, that looks like availing myself of the support that’s available to me.

In this blog, I commit more fully to caring for myself, especially by taking care of my body and also by releasing judgments of myself and others.  My spiritual teacher calls it being God to myself.

I love you.

Love, Debbie

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