Coaching & Classes

Forgiving Coaching is a safe space for you to explore forgiveness and what it means to truly get free. You have so much courage in your willingness to forgive!

I work with clients both individually and in small groups, and our work is based on a profound process of Self-forgiveness to help you let go of judgments and update old beliefs into acts of self-love.  The programs are inspired by the many gifts I’ve experienced through forgiveness – both personally and through my training. (Forgiveness has been paramount in my own growth. I can say now “I love myself” and really mean it.)

Individual coaching includes a personalized package of in-depth coaching sessions, action steps designed to help you live into what you want, and a range of awesome resources such as forgiveness videos and inspirational writing by Rumi, Kabir, and more.

You are welcome to a complimentary session as a gift for following my blog.  The session lasts 90 minutes and we’ll meet in person if you’re in L.A., or by Zoom or phone.

If this is something you’d like to do, simply email me at or fill out this contact form. ❤

What’s available for you:

Get free inside no matter what’s happening in your life

Create a career that has true meaning for you

Heal relationships, e.g. with a spouse, parent, or colleague

Open to forgiveness in an entirely new way

Let go of judgments – possibly for the last time

Love yourself and others as your way of being 🙂


Group classes include:

Self-forgiveness and Relationships

Self-forgiveness and a Healthy Body

Forgiving for Your Business Success

Making Peace with Yourself

Here’s a video with four simple steps for going for what you want and how to bring in forgiveness when you are judging – especially yourself.

Thank you for sharing your process of forgiveness with your presence on this blog!  Your comments and stories are inspirational and a blessing for all who read them.