21 Days of Forgiveness

This past year has been quite a year of upheaval and change, and here we are at the beginning of 2021–––an opportunity to take a breath, integrate your learnings from 2020, and open your perspective into what you want to create for yourself and your life now.  Given all that’s occurred, it’s a powerful time to be with this.

That’s why I ‘m offering the 21 Days of Forgiveness group. For people (like you 🙂 ) to slow down and really BE with yourself every step as you bring forward what’s most important for you, both inside and out.  To give yourself compassion and kindness as you expand into your vision for what’s next. To take a pause and ask yourself the question, “If I could experience anything for 2021, what would it be?” And, move on it––with love.

In the group, you’ll have an opportunity to choose an area of your life that you want to create anew, or where you’re feeling stuck, and take meaningful action towards success.  Then, every day, you’ll get a simple forgiveness exercise to help you with the issues that come up as you go. You might focus on an entirely new frontier––like moving into a career that you’ve always wanted to try––or uplevel something you’re already doing in your life.  Whatever it is for you, the act of forgiveness is a pivotal tool to let go of what stands in your way.

Self-forgiveness is when you take a look at the upsets you have, and recognize it really has nothing to do with that thing “out there”.  Rather, it has everything to do with your belief systems, and how you relate to yourself and what’s around you.  As you start to take action on what you want, you’ll come face to face with these old stories (some of which come from a long time ago).  If you don’t address––and handle––these, you may find yourself repeating what you used to do, even if you want to change course.  e.g., feeling stuck in your work, or losing weight only to put it back on, or cycling in and out of debt (to name a few examples!) And, this is where the group can help you to heal and get free.

For example, one of my clients works in executive leadership at an energy company.  When the stay-at-home order started, she realized that she was relieved because she’d been working so hard and not making her health a priority.  This pattern––of not putting herself first, and thinking it had to be “hard” to be successful––wasn’t new to her.  She’d already left one prestigious career in politics to have major surgery because she’d burned herself out.  When she really addressed this and let go of her story, my client began to create self-care habits that truly support her, and relaxed into a work/life balance that has changed her life.

Slowing down with the steps to forgive––taking it one step at a time––is a game-changing act of freedom. I invite you to give yourself these 21 days to experience it. (We’ll be together through most of March…it’s a month of love and forgiveness!)

What you’ll do:

Choose one thing that you’d like to create for 2021 and want support to move forward––e.g., shifting your career, ending a relationship, getting solid in your finances, loving yourself more, etc. 

Start with a 2-hour coaching call to identify what you’d like to experience in the next 21 days and what obstacles are likely to come up. Plus, get context for the rest of the adventure and tips on Self-forgiveness!

Do a simple step to forgive each day, delivered directly to your email in-box.  No previous experience required!

Get surprise resources to help you, such as video and other tips to stay on track and open to qualities like Self-compassion, gratitude, and acceptance.  

Have access to a community forum to post your questions and progress, recharge and reenergize your commitment, and learn from each other’s experience.

Complete with a 2-hour group coaching call to claim your wins and successes, identify key progress and milestones, and explore what’s next.

What you’ll get:

Enjoy meaningful success with your project (e.g., career, relationship, finances, health, etc.) – or something greater!

Practice a clear, consistent system of forgiveness you can use anytime to live on purpose with what’s truly important for you.

Release old stories that have held you back from what’s possible, and replace them with new beliefs and choices that powerfully support you.

Step into the gifts that result from taking 100% responsibility for your vision.

Experience freedom and possibility inside and what’s available for you to create in your life.

Be real with and accept where you are NOW, and open to the transformation that comes from this.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you already have … and who you are.

Institute life-long tools to create true abundance and fulfillment from the inside out.  

Learn how to use everything that happens as a stepping stone for awakening to greater Self-love and compassion. 

Program Details

We’ll start off with a Zoom gathering to set your intentions and get context for the group, plus explore what’s stopping you from creating what you want.  Then, each day you’ll receive a simple action step to do to forgive.  And, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to post your wins, learnings, and questions.  We wrap up with a Zoom call to look at how it went, what your successes were, and more.

If you want to open to the blessings that are present in and around you, this is a profound (and fun!) space to do it in.

Group Call Dates: 

Sat., March 6  10am – 12pm PST

Sat., March 27 10am – 12pm PST 

Registration is limited––I’m taking 30 people in order to keep a personalized experience and dive deeply into your vision for creating an exquisite 2021. 

Fee: $250.

Full payment is required upon registration to secure your space.

To register:

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For questions, email me at weloveyou@forgivingconnects.com

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The 21 Days of Forgiveness course, for me, has taken my awareness to a new and deeper level. By gently shining a light on limiting beliefs I have held since childhood (some of which I was unaware of) it has helped me to understand why I got triggered over certain things, particularly things my husband would say to me when we disagreed.  Through doing Self-forgiveness, realizing that any upset begins inside me and that I can choose to see things differently, I am better able to show compassion and understanding to those parts of myself I have ignored up to now – knowing that I am okay the way I am and that I am enough.

The impact of this attitude shift on my relationship with my husband has been amazing.  By my taking responsibility for my upset at what he said (and by not making him wrong!), he recently heard, for the first time ever, what I was saying and took responsibility for his own behaviour.  What’s more, with Debbie’s loving support I can see how my husband’s behaviour is a reflect of how I have behaved toward myself. To make these connections is not just exciting, it is liberating. So much so, I’ve started doing the 21 days all over again!

-Mary, Writer and Lawyer, Manchester England

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since working with Debbie, my life has significantly changed.  My life has become one of ownership, direction, and commitment.  Through doing the group, I learned new frameworks and patterns that allow for me to truly live the that I want for myself and family.  The shift in perspective that we established has been instrumental in me navigating extreme life changes – from having a new baby to a drastic career change.  Having developed the tools to establish my confidence (both in myself and in the choices I’m making) has allowed me to actualize my dreams through creating solid habits that work for me.

-Stephen, Environmental Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

To start off this year, I took part in the 21 Days of Forgiveness group.  My interest in participating was to learn and understand how to forgive.  Then, the question came forward: “Why do I want to understand and learn forgiveness?”  I hoped it would help me to accept a current situation in my life, finding peace – mainly dealing with a disease my husband is suffering from.

The group not only helped me to find peace within myself, it also gave me great tools to get to know myself, really getting what I’m struggling with and the roots of this. It’s been the beginning of a deep journey.  A journey I have been searching for, a journey I’d been afraid of in the past.  Working with myself with the support of the group led by Debbie made it so much easier.  I felt safe and supported at all times.

I am now finding myself being able to stop the usual “thought-race”, i.e., I am not spiraling downward as I used to.  I am able to put a stop to my emotions so that they can not control me as they used to. I am learning to accept and love myself for who I am.  I am truly grateful for what I received – it was about forgiveness, and so much more.

-Uli, Veterinarian and Clinic Owner, Montana

My Story

My name is Debbie Roth, and I’m a Professional Forgiveness Coach.  I work with clients individually and in small groups to make peace with themselves and create more of what they truly want in their lives. (See my About page for more detail.)

Self-forgiveness was a true game changer for me personally.  I spent much of my early life in two worlds. On the outside, I was “successful”––I excelled in academics in my teens, went to Harvard grad school and moved into a career in politics and social policy in my 20s, and even had a great marriage in my 30s.  Yet inside of me, I was so unhappy. 

When I was growing up, I lived with a mentally ill mom who went in and out of hospitals, and we were on governmental assistance.  My dad was across the country and was pretty much absent and withdrawn for much of my early life. It wasn’t easy to be in a situation where my two primary caregivers weren’t able to give me the stable support and nurturing I was looking for. 

I felt unlovable and alone, and soon enough, I turned to alcohol and eating disorders to soothe myself.  I was crying out for help that I just wasn’t able to express, and I didn’t see who I truly was. 

Even with all of my outer accomplishments, e.g., a happy marriage, thriving political career, etc., I carried this old story with me wherever I went. And, I couldn’t reconcile what I did outside of me with the profound sadness I felt inside.

This all changed when I met my spiritual teacher, John-Roger.  I began to see who I was and the beauty within me, and heal past memories with my parents through Self-forgiveness.  I learned how to take responsibility for my reactions and what I made those experiences mean, about me and them. And, this transformed my life.

I earned a Doctorate in Spiritual Science with a focus on Self-forgiveness as a gateway to freedom. I learned how to value the gifts I brought to the world, and accept all the aspects of myself with compassion.  Most importantly, I began to experience first-hand that I AM the presence of love––and that is the truth, no matter what the circumstances.  

Since that time, I’ve created a life that really works for me and draw on simple tools to support me with that.  I have a solid Self-care routine to take care of my body, including a strong spiritual practice.  I’ve built and now manage a range of thriving financial investments, and own my own townhome in Santa Monica. And, I left a successful career path in social policy to pursue this work, and to pass on the gifts I’ve lived so deeply. 

I continue to learn and grow every day, and I practice Self-forgiveness on a regular basis to remind myself of who I am.  And, as life unfolds with all the current uncertainty, I use challenges to identify and get free from limiting beliefs––about me and my life.  It’s an adventure of acceptance, compassion, and grace!  Each time I let go of an old story, I become more aware of how in love, all things are possible.