Launching into Renewal Group

Launching into Renewal


This is such a time of profound shift for all of us.  What really strikes me about it is the exquisite opportunity to slow down, reflect on what you’re doing and whether it works for you (or not!), and open into a renewed way of being.  As you expand into what’s next, it’s so helpful to have support so you can transform your life to align more fully with those things that are on purpose and make your heart sing. And, to remind you to check in with how you’re doing, stay present, and take care of yourself.

That’s why I created Launching into Renewal, to provide this place to resource and let yourself be led by your inner wisdom each step of the way.

A space to look at what’s next….

Launching into Renewal is a place to do this slowing down, to listen to your inner guidance and what it’s calling into your life.  In it, you’ll choose one area of your life specifically––career/money, relationship, health, or mindfulness––and take consistent, regular action to manifest more of what you want. Each time you do, you’re creating a new track that affirms the direction you truly want to go.

There’s so much room in the group to get creative, have fun, be in the stillness, and open to your vision.  This vision can serve as your inner compass to bring in more of the experiences that you want, both inwardly and outwardly, plus act as a magnet for support to assist you in this. (Often from the most surprising sources and in miraculous ways!)

And, you’ll receive much support when you face obstacles to moving ahead. As you take action to create what you want, it totally makes sense that your blocks, patterns, and old stories will come up in the process.  These things that are in the way really contain important keys to help you expand into your very next steps, and we’ll look at that together to create lasting change.

And the gift of slowing down with difficult situations to work through….

During times of extreme change (and always!), it’s SO important to take care of yourself.  To pause with how you’re doing with all that’s occurring, and give yourself acceptance, caring, and compassion.  This is key––to simply acknowledge what’s so, to be ok with it it, and to ask yourself, “What can I do today to take care of myself?”  This is another key component of the work we’ll do together.

You’ll get resources and tools to help you maintain your peaceful center, use everything for your upliftment, and nourish your mind, body, and Soul. (These include really excellent steps to practice forgiveness to let go of old stories and judgments that hold you back.)

An excellent example here is a client of mine, let’s call her Julia.  Julia started out our work together at the beginning of the pandemic. She identified a vision of solidifying her finances, including paying off her credit card debt.  As Julia took action on this, the work we did together helped her to see some patterns that she engaged in which prevented her from expanding with money.  A big one was putting other peoples’ needs before her own, and discounting what she wanted to do for HER.

Then, she was diagnosed with CoVid.  She was in bed and unable to continue with much of anything for weeks.  At first, Julia thought this was postponing the success she wanted with her finances.  As it turned out, the illness forced her to stop, to take care of her body, and to prioritize what nurtured her health, vitality, and balance.  This was exactly what she needed to help her move into greater freedom with money––to practice ruthlessly what it was like to put herself and her needs first. And, to say “no” to what wasn’t on purpose with that.

Now, Julia is looking at how to continue this growth as she recovers and moves into what’s next.  This includes being vigilant in what she says yes to, put systems in place to invest in her priorities with time and money, and continue to practice the Self-care she started when she was recovering.

Plus an invitation to renew through grace….

In the group, you’ll have a safe space to let yourself be guided by the divine spark of inspiration within you, and to make lasting, meaningful changes in your life and Self-care. As the world begin to re-open, this is an opportunity to let go of “what was” and take a stand for what’s most on track for you now––to really take off and launch into graceful inventing.

Before the pandemic started, I’d split up with a partner.  When I did, I created a vision for my ideal relationship. I described and read it regularly as a way to call in this partner and keep a positive focus. Then, an interesting thing happened…

I began saying my Ideal Vision like I usually do. And, I couldn’t continue––because I realized that I was basing it on what I had with my ex-partner. I was looking to the past and trying to tweak that, instead of opening to what the future (or what my heart of hearts) is truly calling to me.

I ripped up the Living Vision and opened to a new possibility by simply asking inside for inner guidance. What resulted was a collage of incredible beauty. There were different colors, and angels, and a cat––I love them––and me of course….very important to include myself in the picture!  I don’t know what it means on a mental level. And, on a deeper Soul level, I know exactly what it is and that it will lead me where I’m to go next.

Launching into Renewal is a vehicle to allow love to reveal your highest vision and illuminate the path forward.  As Rumi says, “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


The exquisiteness of the group is to create an entirely new future based on the blessings your heart already knows.  Join in on June 24th, it will be an adventure of grace, discovery, and fun!

What we’ll do:

*Choose one area of your life that you’d like to redesign or create anew in the next 2 months

*Start by creating a vision to guide you and provide positive focus along the way.  We’ll do an exercise on this together during our launch call.

*Take at least one step consistently to make a difference in that area, and pay attention to what you’re experiencing by doing this.  Track as you go for accountability.

*Practice simple steps to take care of yourself, and to forgive and let go of judgments that come up along the way. We’ll do exercises during group calls on––Acceptance, Ownership, Self-forgiveness, and Updating Limiting Beliefs.

*Do a monthly report to assess and learn from how you’re doing and any shifts you want to make, including with actions toward your Self-care.

*Choose and read one of the following books to slow down with what’s most important for you now––included as a gift to you: Authentic Success by Robert Holden or The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

*Get support and extra accountability from the group in a private Facebook community

*Plus have a bonus 1:1 coaching session with me to use anytime over the course of the group

What you’ll get:

*Enjoy greater success and clarity with what’s most in your heart to do now––and take care of yourself along the way

*Cultivate a practice of pausing and attuning to your inner guidance and clarity

*Create significant movement to bring more of the experience you want into a key area of your life

*Slow down to enjoy, listen deeply, and relax in the gift of who you are

*Show up in your life authentically by making self-honoring choices and taking ownership for them

*Open to self-acceptance and compassion as a natural way of being with yourself

*Let go of old stories about your capability, worthiness etc. and live into your true value and empowerment

*Experience freedom and possibility inside and in what you can create in your life

*Institute a life-long set of Self-care skills and techniques to align your life with your natural knowing

*Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you already have…and who you are.

Group Details:

There are 8 group calls to support you––6 regular sessions and 2 optional Q&As:

Wed June 24
Wed July 1, 15, 22
Wed Aug 5, 12

With bonus live coaching Q&As: July 8, July 29!
Time of 1st and last session is: 10am – 12noon PDT
All in between sessions will be 10:30am – 12noon PDT

Fee: $800 one time payment due prior to the launch, or two payments of $425 (first due by the launch and second by July 8)

To register:

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