21 Days of Forgiveness


21 Days of Forgiveness Graphic


It is so easy to make new year’s resolutions and break them. What if you can start this New Year with an entirely new way of doing your life?

The simple act of forgiveness can open you to new possibility and heal old patterns. For example, one of my clients really wants to have a baby.  During our coaching, she realized that she was trying too hard, and wasn’t happy. This pattern––of pushing, and thinking it had to be “hard”––had blocked her in other areas, such as relationship and money. When she let go, my client opened up inside to receive the incredible blessing of a baby, improved her relationship with her partner, and relaxed into what life was giving to her.

That’s why I created the 21 Days of Forgiveness group. For people (like you 🙂 ) to do it differently and really BE with yourself every step of creating a new way of being in 2020, both inside and out. 

You’ll have an opportunity to bring something where you feel stuck, or an area (like relationship, career or something else) that you want to create anew for 2020, and apply the basics of Self-forgiveness to anything that’s blocking you.  It’s going to be a really beautiful gathering of like-hearted people––and you are so welcome to join!

Slowing down with the steps to forgive––taking it one step at a time––is a life-changing act of freedom.  I invite you to give yourself this 21 Days to experience it.


This group is for you if:

You’re starting a new project, business, etc., and would like support to really go for it.

You want to get free from limiting beliefs about yourself and what’s possible to manifest in your life. 

You’re ready for new way of relating based on BEING rather than doing.

You want to create a loving, romantic relationship (or revive an existing one) and are ready to do it differently. 

You’re ending a romantic relationship and feel scared to move on.

You’re revamping your health habits (i.e., getting quality sleep, eating better, and exercising more)––and don’t want to quit in February. 🙂

You have a financial goal that you’ve been meaning to do and want help getting going.

You’ve cycled in and out of debt/relationships/diets/etc. and ready to change that.

You’d like to be more clear about what works for you, and stand in your authentic leadership.

You are willing to make peace inside and let go––and live from the loving inside of you. 


What you’ll do:

Choose one thing that you’d like to create for 2020 and want support to move forward––especially when you feel stuck or challenged. 

Start with a 2-hour coaching call to identify what you’d like to experience in the next 21 days and what obstacles are likely to come up. Plus, get context for the rest of the adventure and tips on Self-forgiveness!

Do a simple step to forgive each day, delivered directly to your email in-box.  No previous experience required!

Get surprise resources to help you, such as video and other tips to stay on track and open to qualities like Self-compassion, gratitude, and acceptance.  

Have access to a community forum to post your questions and progress, recharge and reenergize your commitment, and learn from each other’s experience.

Complete with a 2-hour group coaching call to claim your wins and successes, look at where you felt stuck, identify key progress and milestones, and explore what’s next.


What you’ll get:

Enjoy significant success on creating what’s most important for you – or something greater!

Let go of old stories about yourself and live into your true value.

Strengthen your finances/relationships/career/health by making authentic choices and taking 100% responsibility for them.

Experiment with a clear, consistent system to let go of judgments and obstacles that have previously kept you from loving YOU. 

Experience freedom and possibility inside and what’s available for you to create in your life.

Live your life from a place of freedom and learn what that REALLY means for you.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you already have … and who you are.

Institute life-long tools to create true abundance and fulfillment from the inside out.   


Program Details:

We’ll start off with a Zoom gathering to set your intentions and get context for the group, plus explore what’s stopping you from creating what you want.  Then, each day you’ll receive a simple action step to do to forgive.  And, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to post your wins, learnings, and questions.  We wrap up with a Zoom call to look at how it went, what your successes were, and more!

Group Call Dates: 

Sat., Jan. 25  11am – 1 pm PST

Sat., Feb. 15 11am – 1pm PST 

Plus a surprise mid-group check in––to be revealed!

Registration is limited! I’m only taking 18-20 people to give each participant personalized attention and dive deeply into your vision for creating a strong 2020. 

Fee: $125. Full payment is required upon registration to secure your space.  

To register:

Click here for my PayPal page

Or pay by Venmo by clicking here

For questions, email me at weloveyou@forgivingconnects.com


My story:

My name is Debbie Roth, and I’m a Professional Forgiveness Coach.  I work with clients individually and in small groups to make peace with themselves and create more of what they truly want in their lives. (See my About page for more detail.)

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a family with very little stability and direct, honest communication.  My mom was mentally ill and on government assistance.  My Nan took care of us, often to her detriment. Witnessing my two female role models in unhealthy patterns wasn’t easy. I had challenges with eating disorders and feelings of low self-worth.  Although I excelled in college and my early career in politics and social programs, I carried those feelings of low self-worth with me.  I didn’t have confidence in myself and looked to food, alcohol, and relationships for validating that I’m ok. 

This changed when I met my spiritual teacher, John-Roger.  I began to see who I was as a beautiful person and Soul, and heal past memories with my parents through Self-forgiveness.  (For example, I watched Nan take a lot of abuse from my mom without speaking up, and I forgave myself for my judgment around this,) I earned a Doctorate in Spiritual Science with a focus on Self-forgiveness as a pathway to peace and compassion. I learned how to value the gifts I brought to the world and realize my worthiness to receive.  Most importantly, I began to experience first-hand that I AM love––and that will never change, no matter what the circumstances!

Since that time, I’ve built a solid Self-care practice to take care of my body and my physical and spiritual life.  I created a solid home and financial picture through simple, practical tools – both inner and outer. I manage a range of real estate investments, and own my own townhome in Santa Monica. I gave up a job that wasn’t working anymore to become a forgiveness coach and share the gifts I’ve lived so deeply.  I just left a relationship where I felt stuck for over a year––and am on my own adventure of 21 Days to build new ways of partnership for me that starts INSIDE.

I have a clear intention to choose love, and I’m willing and open to forgive.  That’s all it takes.  Even if I’m a “pro” at this, I’m coming in with fresh eyes to transform my life and create a HUGE dream of heart-centered relationship 🙂 .

I continue to practice Self-forgiveness on a regular basis to strengthen my experience of my Self-worth.  And, as I move forward with creating what I want, I use challenges to identify and get free from limiting stories––around me, my body career, money, and right now, with relationship.  Each time I let go of an old belief, I anchor my connection to the strength within me and live in the awareness that in love, all things are possible.