Today’s forgiving journal: Happy, Healthy, and Holding!

Today’s forgiving journal is about Happy, Healthy, and Holding! ❤

I had a sharing last night with my spiritual mentor, John Morton.  (He’s amazing, one of the most loving consciousnesses that I am aware of.)  One of the things he suggested is to be Happy, Healthy, and Holding – the 3H’s!

Something about this touched me deeply.  What would it be like if I could live my life with an intention to be happy, healthy, and holding?  The word “kindness” comes forward for me.

I see kindness as those small, beautiful little acts of Self-care that allow me to care for myself (and others).  Kindness is a way to get me out of a funk when I need it.  And it is a way to remind myself that I AM love.

Right now, I am noticing that I’m feeling pretty off-center, just having gotten back from a trip that was very expansive and clearing for me.  I’m not sure what my next steps are.

I’m going to be KIND to myself.  Best way to do that right now is forgiveness.

OK so using my 3-part forgiving journal:

1: I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling scared to be back in NY.  I forgive myself for judging myself for not being kind to myself right now.  And I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling grouchy.

2: I let all of this go into the Light and give it over fully for the very highest good.

3: I am so grateful for my breath.  I am so grateful to be sitting here, writing this journal in my apartment.  I am grateful for the ginger tea I just made and the candle I lit.


mother-teresa-quote-small thingsMother Teresa has a wonderful quote that reminds me of kindness….

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa

This is how I’m starting my intention to be “Happy, Healthy, Holding” — doing small things with great love.  Starting with forgiving.

I am aware of a greater sense of relaxation, and a smile on my face.

I love you!  Blessings to you. 🙂


Debbie “Forgiving 3-H Girl” Roth


9 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Happy, Healthy, and Holding!

  1. Every day this blog lifts me up. I am so grateful for this place to share, Debbie.
    I have just come out of a very difficult situation that happened Tuesday. Today I woke up to an exquisite cool and clear day here in Atlanta, with the birds singing and my roses in full bloom. I experienced a few moments of pure bliss. A gift to me from God.
    the 3 H’s mean for me to keep focused on the Good that is all around me and inside me. God is only Good, and I have all the choice in the world to embrace my Good and the direction I am moving in at this point in my life. I am grateful, even when those thoughts of worry sneak in. I choose God, I choose Good, I choose Love, I choose Life. I forgive myself for all and any judgments I have placed against myself about what I should be doing with my life. I release any and all attachments to “how” and focus on “why” which comes straight from my heart, the source of God.


    1. God, Daniel this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
      Funny thing is that after I wrote this post, I had a situation that I allowed to worry me. You just reminded me that I choose to see the Good. Thank you for that!! So glad that you’re here.


  2. I refer to Mother Teresa’s words often when I am feeling limited by life – a good reminder that each one of us can do something – and kindness is often it! Nice blog. Thanks for following me, I will be doing the same here.

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